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En Eshraf Honda Civic Owner

The best dealer ever. Do follow and support this guy if you need a brand new Honda. Totally recommended, excellent service. This is my first car..so this make me very confused of which car to buy, but Jayden was very dedicated in explaining everything and gave me the best choices and detailed explanation before I decided to buy the car..I got to know him from his website (Honda Dream Car) and Jayden made the whole process very smooth and easy. Jayden is one person you should go to if you decided to buy Honda and trust me you will never regret it!!! Keep up the good work Jayden! Terbaik la..

Mr Alan Honda City Owner

Jayden is a highly recommended person to approach for Honda. Very professional and prompt in answering all questions. Very humble and approachable. I liked his regular updates he gives his customer on the status of the order and managed to even get the delivery done much earlier than expected. Kudos Jayden and all the best to you.

Ms Sandy Honda HR-V Owner

Thank you Jayden for all the efforts that you have done to get my dream car as fast as possible. The best part was all the arrangements/deals was done via phones. I only met you when i came to collect my car that the trust i had on you. All the best on your futur sales.

En Hafiz Honda Civic Owner

Highly recommended. Fast delivery with friendly consultation. If you wish to buy a new Honda Dream Car, contact Jayden.

Mr Gopi Honda Civic Owner

I found Jayden using Google, never met him before, submitted all documents, transferred payments, and then collected the car. Very smooth and trustable. Vert great salesman.

Ms Lee Honda City Owner

Jayden provides very good services to customer..whenever i have any enquires or help needed..Jayden always there to help me..he always ready to help and respond to me very fast.

Ms Elizabeth Honda CR-V Owner

Jayden is very committed and strives to always provide excellent service to customers. Very helpful and informative person. Glad to have bought the car with him.

Cik Nurul Honda City Owner

Thank you very much for your services. Very fast and cool Jayden.

Mr Elton Tang Honda Civic Owner

Patient and professional SA, knowledge about models, latest updates and prmomotions. Quick to update on model, colour spec availability. Last but not least, was willing to drive all the way from KL to Negeri Sembilan to meet me.

Kak Harizon Honda Jazz Owner

Perkidmatan Jayden amat memuaskan hati sy sebagai pelanggan. Beliayu seorg yg sgt dedikasi & mesra pelanggan. Segala layanannya tidak pernah menghampakan, malah segala aduan atau masalah yg di kemukakan biasanya dpt diselesaikan atau diuruskan dgn pantas. Syabas Jayden, semoga terus maju.

Mr Kati Honda City Owner

A very helpful and friendly salesperson. Very imformative and fast response regarding inquiries. Keep up the good work bro. Future im getting a Honda car, im gonna look for you bro.

En Anuar Honda HR-V Owner

Dari mula saya berurusan dgn Jayden hingga skrg memang amat terbaik. Sy sudah membeli 2 kereta Honda dan 1 Myvi, Jayden la dealer yg amat2 sy berpuas hati layanan dan penerangan yg diberikan..Ini juga di akui oleh kwn sy semasa sy berurusan dgn anda dan juga di akui oleh isteri sy. Teruskan usaha ini dan syabas Jayden.

Mr Tan & Family Honda City Owner

My Family and I were satisfied with your services! You're very responsible, friendly and kind person. Great service! Keep it up!

Mr Danesh Honda City Owner

Really appreciate on your work. Glad to made the deal with you. Highly recommended service. See you man.

En Salleh Honda CR-V Owner

Terima kasih Jayden diatas perkhidmatan yg diberikan sgt memuaskan baik semasa atau selepas jualan. Terima kasih juga diatas bantuan dan nasihat dlm pemilihan kereta berjenama Honda.

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